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Meet Tess & Bob

TTess and bobess n Bob met in line during their 1st year in college (Atlanta College of Art). He was a drawing and illustration major and she was a painting major. They hit it off, right off the bat and scheduled a couple of classes together. The next year they forged a great friendship.

The best relationships started as great friends and Bob & Tess are no different. Their friendship soon blossomed into a romance and then a relationship.

tessnbob getting marriedIn fact, Tess was the 1st girl that Bob ever kissed (swear). That was over 31 years ago and they are still going strong.

They decided to “try” the lifestyle after they were married for about 5 years and their lives changed forever. Throughout the years, they became friends with singles, couples and their relationship grew to include more than your “traditional marriage”.

Eventually, they tried “swing clubs” in NYC and when they moved to New Orleans, they started their own parties, because there wasn’t much going on in “the lifestyle”.

tessnbob lighting a candleTheir house parties grew and people from Houston and Pensacola were driving to their parties. Eventually, they found a restaurant in the French Quarter and French Connection Events was born.

Their parties were soon filling hotel ballrooms and eventually entire hotels. They started renting out entire resorts in the Caribbean (Jamaica & Mexico) and their conventions grew to over 900 rooms per night.

everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-swingers-cruises (7)

Couples Cruises were their next venture and they worked their way up until they were chartering full cruise ships with over 1,800 cabins. Their impact on their industry, including clubs, other conventions, websites  and their resorts has been unmatched. They have a passion for their chosen lifestyle and for creating the best experiences possible for their attendees and passengers (many of whom, they consider family).

swingers paradeThey have been interviewed on 20/20, Primetime Live, Nightline, Fox News, ABC, CBS, CNN, the Gambit, Times Picayune, USA Today and many other national and local news media and entertainment sources. Their work in documentaries, books, podcasts, radio and on the internet has done more to inform people about “swinging” and this lifestyle.

One of their proudest moments was when they put together the world’s 1st “swinger Pride Parade” in New Orleans. It was the 1st time in history, where thousands of people marched, with signs showing that they were proud to be who they were and they stood up for the rights of people everywhere to be themselves.

Their love for travetessnbob with tigerl has brought them from Thailand, to South America, up to Alaska and all through Europe. They have hosted group adventures all over the world and hope to inspire other people to travel and live their lives to the fullest.

They currently live in the French Quarter with their two small dogs (babies) and share a beautiful courtyard with a private pool, hot tub and bar that is where you can find them when they are not traveling the world.

Follow along with them on this blog to see where their next journey will take them and maybe you can join them in living life to the fullest.tessnbob in cosplay

More info on Tess n Bob:


Tess changed from a painting major to a photography major and graduated with a degree BFA in photography.

tess behind a tree

Later on, she became interested in graphic design and taught herself photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Express and started her career in graphics and marketing.  She worked at different firms in Atlanta, California, North Carolina, NYC and finally New Orleans.

Eventually, she became a successful Art Director in the CBD (Central Business District) of New Orleans and made the Big Easy her home. She eventually opened up her own graphic design business while she worked with Bob on monthly hotel socials and their 1st convention.

tess hlding a shipEventually, French Connection events took over as her main job as she oversaw reservations, hotel bookings and all of the administrative tasks necessary to put together national conventions and eventually full ship charters.

Tess is not only respected for her attention to detail and professional knowledge, but she is also known for her smile and as the “Girl that made him Kinky”, referring to Bob of course.




AKA “The Kinky Guy”, started out as a dreamer and an artist. He honed his drawing and painting skills at the Atlanta College of Art but knew that there was more for him.

my artwork

My artwork2

After a couple of years in college, he decided to join the military and he spent many years jumping out of helicopters (ala the Guardian) as a USCG Rescue Swimmer. In fact, he was only the 179th Rescue Swimmer to graduate.

Painting of me during a medevac

He flew in some of the most dangerous storms and saved many lives. He developed a love for the water especially swimming and diving. He served in Atlanta, Monterey, California, Elizabeth City, NC, Brooklyn, NY and New Orleans, LA.

Hoisting in San Fran

Once in New Orleans, he knew he had found his home. In fact, only 2 weeks after moving here, he told Tess that they would stay here forever. “How can you say that after only 2 weeks?” she asked. He replied “I told you only two weeks after our first kiss that I was going to marry you” he replied. It doesn’t take long for Bob to figure out what he likes.

After the USCG, he was hired as the Vice President of a graphics firm and helped that business double in size (and profit). Eventually, he teamed up with Tess to form their own business and they have been entrepreneurs, ever since.

His passion for this lifestyle has driven him to work hard and to work with other business owners to share ideas, efforts and collaborate when not many other businesses embraced cooperation.

The experience that Bob got from being in the USCG has helped him remain calm under pressure and be able to juggle many tasks at once. Planning hotel takeovers and full ship charters has put these skills to the test and helped him be one of the world’s best event planners.

bob relaxing